Sat 22nd April Eleanor Shanley

Eleanor Shanley is one of Ireland’s most loved and respected vocalists.  In her long and rich career, we have enjoyed Eleanor’s many solo performances and recordings in addition to her body of work from her wonderful collaborative projects both recordings and live performances.  A beautiful career in itself with De Danann marked Eleanor’s baptism to her professional career, her fondly remembered period working with good friend and Irish icon Ronnie Drew, Mike Hanrahan and her work with Donal Lunny, Garadice and long-time friend and leading classical guitarist, John Feeley are just a few names from many.  Across her collective projects, Eleanor Shanley has truly spread her wings and enjoyed mixing up the sounds within the folk and traditional music genres and on her most recent album, ‘Cancion De Amor’, with John Feeley we also get to enjoy some beautiful classical arrangements.