Brandon McPhee

Brandon McPhee - Sun 24 Mar 2024

It is just over 14 years since Brandon McPhee ventured his first notes on the button Box at his grandad’s Donald’s knee. A good listener and keen pupil, he was soon playing “The Dark Island” competently, a waltz which remains one of his favourites and globally most requested tunes.

Within a year of taking up the Button Accordion Brandon had begun his collection of competition trophies, beginning at the 2007 Caithness Music Festival, Lairg Music Festival, Royal National Mod Victories and followed by a variety of Junior Championships, then Senior national successes, culminating in winning the All Scotland Senior Traditional Accordion Solo Championship in 2014, the first time a Button Box Accordion won the title in 27 Years, one of only a hand selected few Button Accordionists to ever win the title in its history. Since then Brandon has focussed on developing his recording and stage-show career.