Wed.28, Thur.29 and Fri.30 Dec.

Banteer Drama Group present “God Rest His Soul” by John Hank Regan

God Rest His Soul (Comedy)

Where there’s a will there’s usually a dead relative! Jim and Mick are brothers of the recently deceased Ned, and are determined not to let his grieving widow Mary Jo sail off into the sunset with the spoil from her dead husband’s estate. During the funeral it emerges that Jim and Mick executed a cunning plan just before poor Ned ‘died’ to ensure a favorable will.

Between wives, daughters, nieces and cousins their dastardly deeds are uncovered. There are more shocking surprises for these bad brothers as they begin to realise that there were certain things about their brother and his marriage that they never knew and despite their cleverness, their greed is finally exposed.

God Rest His Soul is a hilarious romp through three days of an average Irish funeral and subsequent will reading. It exposes hypocrisy, family back stabbing and bickering, human avarice and lusts of all kinds. Any Irish audience will easily identify and laugh out loud at God Rest His Soul!

It is written for an adult cast of 7 people.