Denis OMahony


Shaskeen – Sat 6 Apr 2024 Between the jigs, the reels, the songs and the banter, you will not find a contemporary, traditional Irish traditional band to engage with and entertain an audience as brilliantly as SHASKEEN. With seven core members, the band has made seventeen records, toured extensively throughout Ireland, UK, all over Europe, […]

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Brandon McPhee

Brandon McPhee – Sun 24 Mar 2024 It is just over 14 years since Brandon McPhee ventured his first notes on the button Box at his grandad’s Donald’s knee. A good listener and keen pupil, he was soon playing “The Dark Island” competently, a waltz which remains one of his favourites and globally most requested

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Declan Nerney

Declan Nerney – Sun 3 Mar 2024 Declan was born in the heart of Ireland in Drumlish Co Longford, at a unique period of time in the music scene worldwide. A revolution in rock and pop brought us The Beatles, Elvis, and the Rolling Stones, while here in Ireland the magnificent showband boom was about

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Sean Keane

Sean Keane Sat. 03 Feb 2024 There is a simple lucid clarity to Seán Keane’s singing voice which – like a laser – cuts through the cacophonous clatter and bang of a noisy world.  He is a storyteller, whose voice is the sound of everyman; as ancient history [simultaneously] as vital as a digital radio

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Ann Gildee

SAT. 25 MAR 2023 ANN GILDEA “HOW TO GET TO MENAPAUSE AND ENJOY IT”.  Anne Gildea’s- How to Get the Menopause & Enjoy It Anne Gildea is waxing her moustache, slathering on the Oestrogel and boiling with excitement about bringing her fabulous hit show to the GlenTheatre Banteer. How to Get The Menopause and Enjoy It has

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